Plus Size Alice Costumes

Curves are definitely IN!! See how flattering these Alice Costumes are. “Would definitely recommend! It’s one of the cutest plus-size Alice costumes around.” was one of the comments, this was another “A group of my friends were all dressing up so I decided to dress up as Alice. They all thought it was the cutest alice costume ever! It was very comfortable and a perfect fit. However, the costume recommends the petticoat but the skirt puffs out enough on its own without it. It’s a beautiful costume and very very good quality. So many people came up and asked if they could pose with me and my friends”

They are just a couple of part comments from happy buyers of Alice plus size costumes.

Now with the release of Tim Burton’s Alice in Wonderland, Alice costumes are as popular as ever, maybe even more so and the range of Plus Size Alice Costumes available at our supplier is absolutely fantastic. Not just one design but several and also the Queen of Hearts plus size costumes are very sassy, sexy and flattering too.

Alice Of Wonderland Plus Adult CostumePlus Size Alice in Wonderland Costume

Plus Size Alice in Wonderland Costume

No one will be complaining if you are Alice in this very cute and sassy costume. The peasant style dress in such a pretty blue with the white apron will turn heads especially if you get the very pretty petticoat to wear under the skirt.  The petticoat is not included but is available in the accessories section.  There is included a pretty choker and contrasting headband.

All in all this is a very flattering Alice costume and will show off your figure to its best advantage.  The Mad-Hatter and the March hare will have to get in line when you appear in this Alice of Wonderland costume.

The stockings, shoes, wig and petticoat are not included with the costume but you can purchase them to complete the outfit while you are buying the costume.  Then you will be all set for any dress up party and that includes Halloween.


Dark Queen Adult Costume

Everyone will know you’re playing with a stacked deck!
A sexy queen of hearts style and style halter dress featuring a faux corseted bodice and a ruffled collar neckpiece.

You’ll be sure to break a couple of hearts while donning this Dark Queen Costume.

With this costume, you will need to purchase the hat, shoes and crop separately, so while ordering don’t forget to include these to complete the outfit.


Dark Queen Adult Plus Costume

Dark Queen Adult Costume


Miss Wonderland Adult Plus CostumeMiss Wonderland Adult Plus Costume

Miss Wonderland Adult Plus Costume

This Alice costume is very popular, some of the comments started off like this – Wonderful, Awesome ( lots of awesomes), Super Cute, Adorable, More than I expected, Cute and Sexy.

That is what people will be saying about you when you wear this Alice costume to the Halloween party or trick or treating. The peasant style dress with it’s pretty apron, tiered skirt and that corset waist, very flattering too.

The costume includes the dress and you can get the very cute and different clock purse, shoes and stockings to complete the look of this Wonderful, Awesome ( lots of awesomes), Super Cute, Adorable, More than I expected, Cute and Sexy Alice costume.

Why not get your friends to pick an Alice costume and theme the night.

Plus size Alice costumes for a classic story book look for Halloween.

Through the looking glass is where the magic happens, the wonderful characters of Wonderland.

Have you heard of Charles Lutwidge Dodgson? Probably not but I’ll bet you have heard of Lewis Carroll. Lewis Carroll is the author of Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland and the follow up story named Through the Looking-Glass.

Lewis Carroll was great with using a play on words and a master at fantasy. His writings have no age boundary, all ages love Alice and her wonderful friends.

We would all have loved at some stage in our lives, no matter how old or young we are, to have been able to go down the rabbit hole or through the looking glass. It is all magical and escapism.

We all also know the book as Alice in Wonderland or Alice of Wonderland. These titles have been brought about by the various movie and television adaptations of this wonderful story. Whichever title you prefer, it tells of Alice a little girl who falls down a rabbit hole into a wonderful world of fantasy with the most peculiar characters.

There is a way Lewis Carroll plays with logic that is attributed to the story being so popular with all ages

How often have we heard of the tea party, the Mad Hatter’s tea party with a March Hare and a Dormouse.

Alice is given many stories and riddles at this tea party, she get s upset and feels insulted, then leaves saying that this is a stupid tea party. She then comes across a tree with a door in it and goes in, guess where she finds herself, yes! right back in the hallway where this all started.

There are lots of other things that happen, a mushroom that shrinks Alice to allow her to get into the most beautiful garden with living playing cards who are painting white roses red simply because the Queen of Hearts just hates white roses.

Then there are more cards, they form a procession, there are queens and kings and lo and behold there is a white rabbit too. Alice has met so many characters now there is a violent Queen and a King of Hearts who likes a quiet life.